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Technical Royal Excellence Oil & Gas Consultancy Abu Dhabi United Arab EmiratesTechnical Royal Excellence Oil & Gas Consultancy Abu Dhabi United Arab EmiratesTechnical Royal Excellence Oil & Gas Consultancy Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
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Drops Inspections

DROPS Inspections

Safety is the key and priority for Oil and Gas Sector and TRE has developed and implemented DROPS prevention scheme by conducting Inspections and surveys on many Onshore and Offshore Rigs that comply with local and international standards. Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) surveys & inspections are an integral part of any condition inspection. Qualified inspection team conduct a thorough inspection & survey of catwalks, ladders, Derricks, masts, and other areas that could pose a potential issue with dropped objects.

Our team of experts capitalize on years of experience and industry knowledge, we offer full range of comprehensive and cost-effective third-party DROPS Inspection services that provides safe work environment and ensure safety and integrity of all assets and personnel.

TRE ensures that we meet the recommended practices and guidelines of “DROPSONLINE.ORG”, IADC HSE Guidelines for “Dropped Objects” and API Recommended Practices Section 4G & 54 for Derricks/Masts. We perform thorough inspection of the following areas and zones on a traditional offshore/onshore Rig.

AREA 1: Derrick/Mast and Traveling Equipment AREA 2: Substructure AREA 3: Main Deck Cranes AREA 4: Gantry Crane AREA 5: Knuckle Boom Crane / Pipe Rack Crane AREA 6: Jack House and Legs AREA 7: Raised Catwalks/Conveyors/Walkways AREA 9: Fixed Third Party Equipment AREA 10: Other Areas
  • Derrick Equipment Zone 1 (A-Frame / Crown / Water Table)
  •  Derrick Equipment Zone 2 (Underside crown to Monkey Board Fingers)
  • Derrick Equipment Zone 3 (Underside Monkey Board to Rig Floor)
  • Derrick Equipment Zone 4 (Traveling Block / TDS / Compensator / PRS / PHM / PLS / Iron Roughneck / Guiding arms)
  • Sub Structure Equipment Zone 5 (Moonpool / Cantilever / BOP Deck / Texas Deck Equipment
  •  Crane Equipment (A-Frame / Engine Cab and Access level / Boom and Lifting Equipment)
  • Crane Equipment (Complete Crane / Pipe Handlers including Truss beams and tracks)
  • Crane Equipment (Complete knuckle boom crane)
  •  Jack House Equipment (Top walkway to main deck) Legs
  • Raised Catwalks / Conveyors / Walkways (Catwalks and Conveyors including Riser Skates and Wireline platforms)
  •  Fixed Third Party Equipment (Cement units / Snubbing units / Wireline units / CT Units)
  • Any other areas identified by the OIM or shore based rig management team (For example: specific machinery spaces, mud pump room, sack store, engine room, columns, etc.).

Technical Royal Excellence Oil & Gas Consultancy (TRE) has the same aim which is to provide a better future of the UAE.

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